How to Paddle

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Paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing summer activities. This goes hand in hand with paddleboard fitness. Paddling across the lake or along the shore or the ocean may seem effortless but it turns out to be a great form of exercise.

What makes this sport so amazing is that nearly everyone can do it. Unlike running and hiking, paddleboarding doesn’t involve any impact to your knees or joints. At the same time, paddling activates nearly every muscle in your body from your core to your legs to even your arms. It also increases your balance and range of motion.

How to Calculate the Calories Burned

Many factors can affect how many calories you burn while paddleboarding. This can include your age, weight, time on the water, heart rate, and even weather conditions. After all, someone who is just casually paddles boarding on a Sunday morning will burn fewer calories than someone pushing their body and heart rate.

Pro Tip: You can enter all of your information into a calorie calculator to get an accurate estimate of the calories you burned during the day.

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

Within the category of paddleboarding SUP surfing. If you are looking for the best workout with a paddleboard this may be what you’re searching for. Some waves are needed for this sport so it can be limited to certain parts of the world but will give you one of the highest burned calorie totals you can get.

Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing
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